I.E.S. Pedro Jimémenez Montoya

Why English?

What makes English so important is not just the number of people who speak it as their first or second language, but the fact that it is the international instrument for communication. It is the language used in Business, Commerce, Travel, Sciences, ICT, etc. Who doesn't like English pop music? Who doesn't want to have a better opportunity to find a good job? Who doesn't want to travel abroad?



Bilingual Business Administration

Nowadays, even in this area of Granada, learning English can open doors for you and improve your career prospects, especially if you plan to find a job in a secretarial, clerical or administrative environment.

This bilingual vocational course is designed to help you practice and consolidate the language you need to work by integrating the teaching of content subjects and language. The aim is to help you develop your language skills through a variety of authentic tasks while you learn accounting, finance, keyboarding skills, wordprocessing, etc.


General information

This is a 1300 hour vocational course. The modules taught partially in English are the following:
- Typing Operations
- Accounting
- Basic Finance Services and Products


  • Joaquin Guadix Escobar (Head of Department)
  • Antonio Arredondo Garcia
  • Mari Carmen Jimenez L√≥pez-Cozar
  • Juan Calderon
Some activities