In the United Kingdom, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a subject in education, and a part of the National Curriculum.




a) Ofimática (ict in the office)

- Installing a wireless router. Press  here.

- Managing your email . Press  here.

- Printing documents. Press  here.

-Organization chart. Press  here.

-Autotext:closing a letter. Press  here.

-Writing a report and inserting links. Press  here.

-Creating a spreadsheet. Press  here.

-Calculating operations. Press  here.

-Controlling sales. Press  here.

-Data types and field sizes. Press  here.

-Sharing access reports. Press  here.

-Adding a snapshot to an e- mail message. Press  here.

-Marketing. Press  here.


b) contabilidad (ict for accounting)


c) productos financieros (ict for finance products and services